The Leading EMEA IT Marketing Database for ABM

Connecting businesses with IT decision makers.

IT Decision Makers for your Target Accounts

We help businesses build pipeline sales and drive their marketing campaigns, providing key IT decision maker contact data for your target accounts across EMEA.

Many of the world's leading brands use MI Europe data to power their sales and marketing campaigns to success.

Precision Targeting

Tailor your ABM campaigns with laser focus, leveraging our segmentation capabilities to reach the right decision-makers in the right sectors.

Dive into a deep pool of over 300,000 IT decision-makers across EMEA. Our database, rich with over 220,000+ opt-in email addresses and profiles of companies with 200+ employees, provides unparalleled coverage.

With over 300 industry verticals at your fingertips, our database doesn't just offer breadth - it offers depth. Whether you're crafting personalised campaigns for niche markets or broad sectors, our extensive profiling yields unprecedented results.

Always Up-to-Date

Your marketing demands not just accuracy, but recency. With an average data recency of just six months, you can be sure your marketing efforts are always running at full efficiency.

Complete Compliance

GDPR compliance isn't just about following rules — it's about building trust. Our database is meticulously compiled to ensure full compliance, giving you the peace of mind to engage with your target accounts confidently and legally.

Our data isn't just GDPR compliant - it's quality assured.

Key Facts

  • 300,000+ IT decision makers across EMEA
  • 120+ IT and Business job functions
  • 220,000+ personalised opt-in email addresses for email marketing
  • 72,500+ enterprise and corporate companies across EMEA
  • 300+ industry verticals
  • Average recency of just 6 months
  • Our B2B Email data is GDPR compliant

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Over the years I have used the MI Europe database for many of our clients, who are looking to target IT Decision Makers, as it consistently proves its credentials as one of the most accurate and detailed sources across EMEA. This combined with the team at Pro-Active means that put simply, if I need the highest standard of data with consistently exceptional service and a team that are always on hand to offer their expertise these are the people I go to.

Sales Director, Virtual ROI