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10 Top Tips for improving your email response rates

Posted by Kate Hobson on 30 Mar 2015

#1 – Subject Lines
Possibly the most important aspect of your email campaign is a powerful subject line or title. Is it engaging? Is it clear? Does it sound interesting? Is it beneficial or appealing to the reader?

#2 – Less is more
Like a blog post or landing page, keep your email to the point, informative but not too content heavy and simple in design.

#3 – Make it personal
Use personalization in your emails – PURLs are a great tool for this. Be direct with your language using ‘you’ and ‘your’. Keep your language personal yet professional, using content that resonates with your target audience and familiarizes them with your company offering.

#4 – Why
Why are you sending your email? Why should your target audience read it?

#5 – Send it at the right time
When are your target audience most responsive? AM or PM? Weekdays or at weekends? Monitor previous response rates and stick to a time and frequency that works.

#6 – Have a clear call to action
Include regular call to actions on your email campaigns – whether it be a contact number, link to connect through social media channels or a newsletter registration option, make sure your target audience reach out at the right time.

#7 – Be visual
Make sure you include plenty of graphics in your email campaign. Use of video is becoming more and more prevalent so use links where appropriate to drive traffic to your site.

#8 – Offerings
Using an offer is a great way to entice customers to your site or build business. Upselling to customers is a great way to increase sales and reward loyal customers.

#9 – Relevance
Is your content relevant to your target market? Have you researched what makes them tick and what they might want to hear/read about?

#10 – Measure response rates and follow up
Use plenty of click through links and action points within your email content so that you can monitor who clicks on what. Draft a follow up email or sweetener to engage with those that did open or click through your email to reach out and engage with them while they are still interested.