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Email considered the most effective digital marketing tactic

Posted by John Noble on 8 Apr 2016

Recent studies show that, once again, email is considered to be the most effective digital marketing tactic amongst marketing professionals.

Key benefits:

  • Ease of execution. Email campaigns are relatively easy to set up, create and deliver.
  • Measurable. Once sent, an email campaign generates real-time results to measure effectiveness. It is targeted and fully transparent.
  • Cost effective
  • Great for nurturing prospects and regular engagement

Overall, the vast majority of respondents feel that digital marketing effectiveness is increasing, though most say only marginally. Increased lead generation (58%) tops increased conversion rates (48%) as the most important goal of a digital marketing strategy, while inadequate budgets are considered the biggest barrier to success.

So what are the key barriers of email marketing?

  • Relevant Content. The effectiveness of an email campaign relies heavily on relevant content, as well as an engaging title.
  • Know-How. Having the ability to create, deliver and analyse an email campaign in-house is often an issue for businesses looking to explore this marketing channel.
  • Poor Data. Having a recent, reliable and quality marketing database of warm contacts is essential to response rates in your campaign.

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