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Why high quality multi-channel data is paramount in lead generation marketing

Posted by John Noble on 2 Feb 2016

Do you run multi-channel lead generation marketing campaigns to utilize your valuable data? Chances are that if you don’t, your competitors will. Most effective data spans multiple sources such as email, social, postal or telephone contact information, giving you a great resource to reach out to your target audiences using the right channels at the right time.

Effective Data Management = Improved Sales

Managing your data lists is vital for recency of information, response rates, relevance of data when conducting your marketing campaigns. If your using the same email addresses from years ago, odds are you won’t be connecting with the right people any more and the results of your campaign will be underwhelming. Whilst data management is time consuming and a necessary evil, the rewards are notable.

Outsourced data management

Ideally, you should update data every three months and dedicate internal resources to managing your data. If this is too time consuming or ineffective for your business, outsourcing is a great option. Whether you lease or purchase data, outsourcing your data requirements means more accurate qualified data that is fully compliant, recent and specific to your requirements.

Knowledge = Power

Current direct phone numbers, correct email addresses and up to date postal records will allow you to get more from your sales and marketing campaigns, enabling you to be more productive and increase the number of meaningful conversations.

Result: Higher conversion rates, improved marketing campaign ROI, and more sales-ready leads.