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Is your marketing campaign perfectly balanced?

Posted by Jason Boxall on 27 Oct 2015


Planning your next marketing campaign? It’s a well known fact that things work well in pairs to complement each other; Gin and Tonic, Yin and Yang, bacon and eggs, Chaz and Dave, and last but not least, direct mail and email marketing.

There is a common misconception that we, as marketers, should choose one marketing channel for our individual marketing campaigns. But on closer inspection of your target audience, how many channels do they actually engage across? Odds on, your target market will be online at some point every day (whether on a mobile device or laptop or PC) to search online and check their emails, and they probably check their mail every day too.

Recent research outlines interesting findings that show around 44% of email recipients took action after receiving a targeted email and that 70% of readers open emails in search of a deal. It also highlights that 48% of recipients took action after receiving direct mail with 47% of recipients buying something, 34% actioned an offer of a voucher and 10% made an enquiry by phone.

So which channel is best? Research suggests that your emails are more likely to be read or welcomed if an emotional engagement has been made first by direct mail. So for best results, deploying a multi-channel marketing campaign is likely to be most effective.

Key considerations:

Who will you contact?

If you don’t have details for the key decision makers in your target market, consider leasing a database of decision contact maker information from a high quality database like MI Europe.

When will you launch your campaign?

Timing is key with your marketing campaigns. Always avoid sending an email in the morning or the first half of the week as your recipients are likely to be too busy with their work load from the previous week or day to open your email.

What is the point of your campaign?

Ask yourself ‘Why am I launching this campaign? Will it appeal to my target audience? Does it include the key information and USPs that I want to promote?

Call to Action

Is there a clear call to action to encourage engagement?

Have a marketing campaign in the pipeline? Contact our team of experts to discuss how we can help you choose the right marketing channels to get the best ROI for your efforts.