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Posted by John Noble on 15 Jan 2015

Some 41 per cent of online ad impressions are not reaching their intended audience across Europe’s four biggest online ad markets - UK, Germany, France and Italy, according to Nielsen.

Comparing countries, more online ad impressions reach the advertiser’s intended audience in the UK than in the other measured markets, but campaigns in the UK tend to have slightly broader intended audiences.

The findings are based on a measure of more than 1,000 campaigns across Europe’s four biggest economies, which together account for more than two thirds of European online ad spend. Nielsen European managing director of digital, David Gosen explains: “Wastage is of course inevitable across all media, but the greatest opportunities for advertisers, publishers and agencies to reduce it exist online. "The tighter targeting that is inherently achievable through online advertising, combined with real-time insights and optimisation through online campaign ratings, means that far greater accuracy and efficiency is possible.”