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Why data acquisition should be your top priority for 2015

Posted by Kate Hobson on 25 Feb 2015

As business leaders are put under increased pressure to be more innovative, targeted and adaptable to changing customer demands; customer centric marketing approaches will require intelligent data in order to target the right people at the right time of their decision making process.

As we already know, the way we engage with our target market is ever-changing with more emphasis on cross channel marketing and real time engagement than before. Whilst digital marketing and online presence in vital, getting information in front of the right people is the key to an effective marketing campaign. Using high quality marketing data to communicate with decision makers in your chosen industry, creating engaging content, tracking open rates, click-through rates, response rates and conversion rates to ensure ROI and develop your in-house sales pipeline of opt-in prospects.

For many businesses, building reliable marketing databases can be time consuming, intimidating, inaccurate and as a result, ineffective if information is not recruited properly. By outsourcing quality data specific to your search criteria, job function or target market, taking advantage of our data consultancy advice on optimizing your campaigns and driving your business forward by engaging with key players within your industry, we can help you business move forward to achieve effective results.

Make your corporate marketing campaigns more effective in the UK, Europe and beyond with personalised data for decision makers in your target companies.