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Why knowledge is power for your international marketing campaigns

Posted by John Noble on 20 Jan 2016

For many companies growing their businesses abroad, there is a common misconception that one size fits all with marketing practices amongst global market audiences. What works for businesses in the UK is often very different to localised global markets, and the way localised audiences interact and engage with businesses.

Different business cultures = Different marketing strategies.

As with any marketing campaign, success depends on the relevance of your campaign to your target market.

“Companies like Gillette, Coca-Cola, BIC, and Cadbury Schweppes have brands that are recognised across the globe. While many of the products that these businesses sell are targeted at a global audience using a consistent marketing mix, it is also necessary to understand regional differences, hence the importance of international marketing”.

One of the key factors to success in global marketing is the relevance and recency of marketing data. While the EU data protection policy threatens to come into play, forward thinking data agencies have already compiled compliant marketing databases to overcome any future changes to their marketing lists.

A quality data list of key decision makers within your chosen industry not only gives a clear idea of volumes and credibility to your marketing campaign, but offers a great opportunity for increased engagement and development of your international sales pipeline.

Marketing environment (demographics, age and preference of marketing channel) are varied across different global markets. Many data lists can be restricted to one or two channels (post or telephone). When purchasing or leasing a list, having access to data that spans as many marketing channels as possible is key.

Cover multiple touch points for maximum return

When launching your product or service into a new global market, cover as many touch points as possible. Whether it’s an initial mail out so your follow up calls are not cold calls or an engaging email update that encourages people to visit your website and register an interest, the more diverse your campaign, the better.

Don’t get lost in translation.

All your marketing collateral needs to be correctly translated to suit the local culture your are targeting. Even the world’s leading brands have fallen into this trap. Here’s a link to 8 of the biggest marketing fails. Don’t let your business be number 9.

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