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Your EMEA database of IT decision makers may be out of date

Posted by John Noble on 24 Jan 2023

Did you know that IT Professionals change jobs every 3 years on average? So on that basis, your database of EMEA IT Decision makers will be outdated by as much as 33% over a given year. This will not only adversely affect your ROI and response rates on your email marketing campaigns, but waste valuable time of stakeholders that rely on a clean and accurate data. It’s not good use of time or resources, to have business development teams working with out-of-date information. According to Gartner research, this problem costs organisations £10.5 million every year.

Aside from the strain on budgets and resources, there is also the risk of breaching GDPR, with inaccurate information.

The effort required to build and maintain a large database of IT Decision Makers across EMEA should not be underestimated.

Using a reliable external resource, such as MI Europe, is often a better option to supplement your data assets, as the maintenance is essentially ‘outsourced’. The in house team at MI Europe continuously source, organise, double-check and update the database on an ongoing basis.

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