Market Intelligence exclusively for Technology vendors

MI Europe is a premium international B2B marketing database, which helps your business grow by giving you access to key decision makers of leading companies, within your chosen industry, to build your sales pipeline and deliver significant ROI.

Mi Europe is an extensive database of fully telephone researched senior technology and business decision makers in enterprise and corporate organisations across the UK, Western Europe and the Middle East. Over 98% of companies with 200+ employees are profiled in the database, giving extensive coverage of the enterprise space.

Opt-in B2B Mail Data

With over 20 years of extensive research in building this EMEA Marketing Database, our unrivalled contact profiling offers high quality opt-in email addresses, with an average recency of just six months, for your lead generation, lead nurturing and email marketing campaigns.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Mi Europe is fully compliant with the GDPR in its collection methods, security, maintenance, and the sharing and control of personal information. Every record is compiled, and telephone interviewed by experienced native language speakers and for the last two decades, each data subject has opted in to receive communications from Technology led organisations only.

Compliant with the latest GDPR legislation, many of the world's leading technology companies are already using the MI Europe database as the cornerstone of their marketing activities

Key Facts
  • 300,000+ decision makers within the EMEA Marketing Database
  • 120+ job functions
  • 220,000+ personalised opt-in email addresses
  • 72,500+ enterprise and corporate companies across EMEA
  • 300+ verticals across EMEA
  • Average recency of just 6 months
  • Our B2B Email data is GDPR compliant
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Over the years I have used the MI Europe database for many of our clients as it consistently proves its credentials as one of the most accurate and detailed sources of EMEA wide data available for list rental. This comvined with the team at Pro-Active means that put simply, if I need the highest standard of data with consistently exceptional service and a team that are always on hand to offer their expertise these are the people I go to.

Sales Director, Virtual ROI